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The Hospital Management System(HMS) is designed for Any Hospital to replace their existing manual,paper based system.The new system is to control the following information;patient information,room availability,staff and operating room schedules, and patient invoices.These services are to be provided in an efficient ,cost effective manner,with the goal of reducing the time and resources currently required for such tasks.


- Patient Registration & Admission
- Appoinment Management
- Billing
- In-Patient Management
- Labaoratory Management
- Revenue Management
- Reports and Dashboards
- Inventory Management


Simple secure and a complete solution to manage large number of customers and sales.Ensures fast customer checkouts and billing. Sales activity record keeping and maintaing stock is a very huge task.


- Reduced worktime.
- Can provide Quality of service to customers and store details of customers for further feedback.
- Efficient, reliable, fast and easier.
- Effective inventory Management.
- Efficient Supply chain management.
- Pro Active Repacking Management.
- Vendor Display Promotion Management.
- Built-in CRM.


The objective of the Payroll Management System is to provide a system which manages the Payroll activity i.e. Allows bussiness to manage employee payments, payroll taxes, vacation time, deductions, documents and more with different accounting options made available. All the important data's will be stored in the database and its avoids any miscalculation.Payroll Management System is claiming that businesses don't even need any knowledge of accounting to use the application. Part of what makes it easy is the ability to link it to your bussiness bank account or credit card so that it automatically upgates and imports each transaction.


- Manage Employee Information Efficiency.
- Define the emoluments, deductions, leave, etc.
- Generate Pay-Slip at the convience of a mouse click
- Generate all the reports related to employee, attendance/leave, payroll, etc,.
- Manage your own Security.
- To improve the efficiency.
- Quickly findout information about an employe details or other details.
- To provide a user friendly environment.

Textile Shop Management System

The idea of textile shop development is how to manage the textile shop in a good manner or we can say managing the textile shop well from which people can get profit or just stay out from the difficulties, how the things is proper in the shopping mall and what is the input in the shopping mall and what is the output how to track the goods are available there or which is sort. All this is auto track by the application from which there will be no any difficulties facing by the management after all there are certain report generation based on the shopping mall daily turnover, monthly turnover, etc. This software is having many features like categorizing the textile materials, fixing up the rates based on Piece rate or Meter rate,stock management, accounts management etc.


- Master information is totally maintained business needed things.Master acts with company Setup, supplier, Customer, Tax and Discount then reflect with their relevent forms. Supplier invoice management of their invoice number, product details, total cost, debit amount, credit amount and date.
- Purchase Register, Purchase History, Purchase Credit, Purchase Debit and Purchase Transaction. Sales Register, Sales Return, Sales History, Sales Credit, Sales Debit and Sales Receipt Monitor of all of invoice with clear details.
- Available stock in and stock out by Quantity also amount wise.
- Pure profit and loss monitor.